BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH stars in THE IMITATION GAMEOne of the major intelligence triumphs during WWII took place Bletchley Park, the UK's Government Code and Cypher School, where cracking Germany's Enigma code was a full time job for geniuses.

The Imitation Game - Clip No. 1
In this clip from "The Imitation Game," the head of the UK's Secret Intelligence Service (Mark Strong) is trying to convince the brilliant Alan Turing (Benedict Cumberbatch) of just how crucial his code-breaking skills are for the war effort. If the Brits were able to intercept and decode all the messages the Germans were sending, it would cripple the Axis powers and hopefully bring an end to the carnage of World War II.

"This war... we're not winning it. Break the code, at least we have a chance," Stewart Menzies tells the young mathematician.

Historical spoiler alert: Turing and his group of code-breakers succeed at cracking the Enigma, but not without a lot of blood, sweat, and tears beforehand.

"The Imitation Game" opens November 28.