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WARNING: This post contains some spoilers about "Interstellar." Read on at your own risk.

Christopher Nolan is expanding that back story of an important character from "Interstellar" by penning a comic about his life before the film.

"Absolute Zero" tells the tale of Dr. Mann (Matt Damon) and his robot, SKIPP. It explores a key moment from his personal life that informs his actions in the movie.

A portion of the seven-page story will be published in Wired as part of the issue that Nolan is guest-editing. The full version is available now on the magazine's website.

Check out a preview of the comic below. Nolan's issue of Wired hits newsstands on November 25.
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[via: Wired, h/t The Hollywood Reporter]

Photo credit: Getty Images; Wired via THR

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