Dave Chappelle Performs At Radio City Music Hall
Dave Chappelle made a name for himself with his short-lived, classic Comedy Central series "Chappelle's Show," before disappearing for a while. Now, the comedian has re-emerged into the public consciousness after a string of successful shows at Radio City Music Hall in New York, and in his first interview in years, talks about what other challenges he'd like to tackle.

One of them? A return to television, though not for "Chappelle's Show 2.0." No, Chappelle told GQ, he'd rather try his hand at a host of different genres, popping up on popular series across the dial.

"For one year, I want to do this thing where I guest-star on as many television shows as I possibly can," Chappelle told the magazine. " ... I'd be a zombie in 'The Walking Dead.' A corpse on 'CSI.' I'd be the first black guy to f--k Olivia Pope on 'Scandal.'"

Chappelle added that he's a huge TV fan, binge-watching series like "The Wire" and "Breaking Bad," and his love for the medium is directly influenced by his time spent being such an important part of it through his own series.

"I love television. The fact that television ultimately made me famous was very gratifying for me," he told GQ. "Chris Tucker did it in movies, and Chris Rock did it from his stand-up, which was very impressive. But you know, the thing that people most will remember me for is 'Chappelle's Show.' If I were to never do anything else, that show would be a culmination of what was a very long and tedious process of me learning how to be in the television business."

Here's hoping Chappelle gets his wish. It'd be pretty awesome to see him swill some wine with Olivia Pope.

[via: GQ, h/t Vulture]

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