Guardians of the Galaxy, Groot
Groot, the tree-human hybrid from "Guardians of the Galaxy," can't say anything other than "I am Groot," a perpetual introduction that gets on other characters' nerves throughout the Marvel flick. But the phrase becomes downright delightful when delivered in languages other than English, as a new featurette proves.

The clip, which shows Groot speaking 15 different foreign languages, underscores the repetition of the phrase throughout "Guardians," since each instance featured is from a different scene. But it also helps viewers realize just how universal the flick has become, since the movie's popularity necessitated the translations in the first place. Just another way that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has brought the real-life universe together.

Check out the video -- which features Polish, Mandarin, Italian, Hindi, Kazakh, and Russian, among many more languages -- below. Now if only we could get those languages' versions of "I Want You Back" to soundtrack dancing baby Groot, too.

"Guardians of the Galaxy" is available in Digital HD and via Disney Movies Anywhere now.

[via: Marvel, h/t: Collider]

Photo credit: Disney