One Direction, Sesame Street
Did you know that the letter U was useful? One Direction is here to tell you all about it, in this adorable clip from "Sesame Street."

The British boyband offer up a rendition of their hit "What Makes You Beautiful," rewritten as an ode to the 21st letter of the alphabet, singing "I love U" and "that's what makes U so useful." The 1D members then run through a series of words starting with U, name-dropping ukuleles, unicorns, and underpants. (Of course, this is a kids' show, so no actual 1D underwear is on display.)

Check out the informational song below -- which even features a delightful cameo by Bert's unibrow to underscore the letter's ubiquity -- and prepare to have this tune stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Maybe a hot bowl of udon will help numb the pain?

[via: Sesame Street, h/t Vulture]

Photo credit: YouTube