GothamWith Bruce Wayne being just a pre-teen on Fox's "Gotham," his eventual sidekick, Robin, must be just a glimmer in his parents' eyes. And that's exactly what he will be, showrunner Bruno Heller tells Entertainment Weekly.

"We're going to do a prenatal origin story for Robin down the line," Heller reveals. "There's an episode coming up where we learn how Robin's parents got together." (Let's hope it's not TMI.)

One character that "Gotham" won't be introducing this season is a young Harley Quinn. Rumors surfaced at New York Comic-Con that the Joker's sidekick would make an appearance soon, but Heller denies that's the case.

"That aspect of the show-which characters to use and when - is a source of constant discussion. And that may well have been an issue that came up and was dropped," he says. "We haven't got Harley Quinn in it. Riddler's girlfriend is coming up. And Harley Quinn is definitely planned for later on, but so far no."

What Heller wants is to avoid character overload. There are already so many iconic figures running around "Gotham" - including the Penguin, the Riddler, Catwoman, and Two Face - so now the writers have "slowed down with those aspects and we're bringing in those iconic D.C characters in a much more measured way, which was always the intention."

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