Bill Cosby Performs At The Treasure IslandNBC is scrapping plans to develop a sitcom starring Bill Cosby, in light of recent rape accusations.

The network has decided to pull the plug on the show, according to the Hollywood Reporter, despite much fanfare last year when it was first announced. Cosby was to play the patriarch of a family with three grown daughters with children of their own. There was a significant penalty to be paid if NBC did not move forward with the Sony Television-produced project.

Sources tell THR that NBC never received a final script and never gave a production commitment to the sitcom. The network's move comes on the heels of Netflix's announcement that it is postponing Cosby's comedy special, which was to stream next week.

Over the years, Cosby has faced numerous allegations of rape and sexual assault, though he has never been convicted on any charges of rape. He did settle a lawsuit in 2006; at the time, 13 women promised to testify against him if the case went to trial.

The legendary comedian has come under heavy fire over those allegations in the last few months. Just this week, former model Janice Dickinson came forward to accuse Cosby of raping her in 1982. A week before that, a meme-generating stunt on Cosby's website backfired, with users using to create memes referencing the many rape allegations against him.

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