Winter is coming, which means in a mere matter of weeks you'll be forced to get on a plane and make your way home (or to a tropical island, if you're lucky) for the holidays. Obviously, the only way to make it through the flight is to distract yourself with some quality screen time, and we've rounded up a list of television and movie favorites that will make your flight go by in no time. Whether you're traveling cross country or hopping on a quick hour-long flight to a neighboring state, Moviefone has you covered with seriously stellar options -- and the links to download them!

(We've limited our selections to titles available to download prior to travel, since not every flight has Wifi, and, let's face it, the Wi-Fi is too slow for streaming.)

Say you're traveling cross-country, and your flight is 4 HOURS:

Amazon's original scripted series has gotten rave reviews from critics and viewers alike, and for good reason. The show is brilliant in every way, and Jeffrey Tambor's portrayal of Maura might just outshine his iconic stint as "Arrested Development's" George Bluth. One thing's for sure: "Transparent" will definitely make your plane ride fly by (sorry, we had to). Available for download on Amazon -- where else?!

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine"
"Brooklyn Nine-Nine's" new sophomore season is totally do-able on a long flight, and it will make the fact that you're trapped in a middle seat between two snoring randoms that much more bearable. New episodes available for download on iTunes and Amazon.

"Gilmore Girls"
It's safe to assume that around 99% of the country is currently binge-streaming "Gilmore Girls" on Netflix, but how are you going to watch the early aught's best show if your flight doesn't have wifi? Fear not, you can simply pre download a couple episodes for cozy in-flight viewing, and then start streaming up a storm again when you land. Available on Amazon and iTunes.


"Almost Royal"
If you haven't checked out BBC's mockumentary about two British aristocrats traipsing around the US of A, please do yourself a favor and download all available episodes for your flight home. There's no way you (and the stranger peeping over your shoulder in the seat next to you) won't be laughing out loud. Available on iTunes.

"Sherlock's" third season is exactly three episodes, which makes it prime for cross-country viewing. The most recent installment has even more action and intrigue than previous seasons, plus Benedict Cumberbatch's portrayal of socially-inept-yet-brilliant Sherlock Holmes is spot on. Available for download on Amazon and iTunes.

"Home Alone"
Look, the holidays are great thanks to pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and lots of other amazing pie situations, but spending a concentrated amount of time with your entire family can be stressful. However, there's no way your vacation will be as crazy as Kevin McCallister's, so go ahead and watch "Home Alone" and then feel thankful that you aren't spending the holidays with two crazed convicts. Available for download on iTunes and Amazon.

"The Mindy Project"
Haven't had time to start watching "The Mindy Project's" new season? Well now's your chance. There have only been a handful of episodes, so you can easily catch up on most of them as you travel across the good ol' USA (especially if you fire up the computer while you're waiting to board), and your guaranteed to be in a better mood when you reach your final destination. Of course, you might develop a sudden urge to wear platform sneakers.... Available for download on iTunes and Amazon.


"The Office" Christmas Specials
We all know and love The US "Office," but there's nothing like the original British version starring Ricky Gervais. While you probably don't need to check out the entire series if you're already well-versed in the world of Michael Scott, The UK "Office Christmas Specials" are a must-watch during the holidays. Awkward, funny, and poignant, you'll definitely be laughing, crying, and laugh-crying throughout the entire plane ride. Available for download on iTunes or Amazon.

"The Hunger Games: Catching Fire"
You should probably re-watch "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" in anticipation of the franchise's soon-to-be-released next installment, and what better time than during your boring flight home? Yeah, you may have a few teenagers craning their necks to see your computer, but it's worth it risk. Available for download on iTunes and Amazon.

"Love Actually"
No movie gets us in the holiday spirit more than this somewhat-cheesy and super-romantic flick from the early aughts. Let's just say watching Colin Firth, Emma Thompson and Hugh Grant bust out their acting chops is pure joy, not to mention a guarantee that you'll head home full of yuletide spirit and holiday cheer. Available for download on iTunes and Amazon.


"State of Affairs"

The pilot episode of "State of Affairs" is available for free on iTunes, which means you don't have to pay a dime to watch it on your flight. The Katherine Heigl thriller is getting pretty mixed reviews, so you might as well watch it and form an opinion of your own before investing in the entire season!

"MasterChef Junior"
"MasterChef Junior" is just like regular "MasterChef," only instead of Gordon Ramsey yelling at people and making them cry, a bunch of adorable little kids cook five star meals while Gordon tears up with pride. It's basically like a warm and fuzzy "Hell's Kitchen," and will make you seriously question your skills as a cook. Plus, maybe you'll get some ideas for your holiday menu! Available for download on iTunes and Amazon.

"A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving"
Spending the holidays with your parents? Might as well get transported back to your childhood with "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving," a total classic that stands the test of time and then some. Of course, this movie is best enjoyed with a cup of hot cocoa, but some tepid airplane coffee will do the trick. Available for download on iTunes and Amazon.


"The Simpsons" Christmas
Only have a half hour of flying time? First of all, you're so lucky. Second of all, there's only one thing you should be watching: "Simpsons" Christmas specials. Every single episode of "The Simpsons" is newly available for streaming, but if your flight lacks wifi you can download just the specials on iTunes and then watch Santa's Little Helper frolic around your screen for 30 minutes of comedy gold.

"Pixar Short Films Collection Volume 2"
This collection of 12 short films (some of which are Academy Award winning) is sure to brighten up any quick flight, and includes hits like "Presto," "Day & Night" and "La Luna." Pick your favorite and enjoy! Available for download on iTunes and Amazon.