chris rock top fiveThere were few movies out of this year's Toronto International Film Festival that were more buzzed about or openly discussed than Chris Rock's "Top Five." This is something of a feat, especially considering the amount of Oscar-contending features that either debuted or screened there. And we've got a brand new clip from the movie, opening on December 12th. So get ready to feel the buzz of the movie that swept Toronto.

Chris Rock Is Tired of PDAs in 'Top Five' - Exclusive Clip

In the movie, Rock stars as Andre Allen, a comedian turned movie star suffering from the typical movie star chaos: his recent historical epic is bombing, he's engaged to a vacuous heat seeker (Gabrielle Union) who intends to turn their wedding into a multimedia event (notice the small Bravo logo that brilliantly pops up at the bottom of the screen), and he's being grilled by a hard-hitting journalist (Rosario Dawson).

Our exclusive scene is a brief one, showing his interaction with his fiancée as she is about to board a plane. She wants to play up their relationship for the cameras, with her handlers instructing him how to exit a vehicle, and the final straw happens when she forces him to give her a kiss... for the television audiences, more than love.

It's a lovely little scene, and showcases Rock's continued development as an actor capable of dramatic and comedic range in a single moment (at least when he's away from the "Grown Ups" franchise). We'll see if his performance (and prowess behind the camera) will connect with wider audiences and critics and translate the film festival applause into Oscar gold.

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