Game of Thrones AryaQuoth the raven, "I see a darkness in you."

Those spooky words are uttered in a new, very brief (literally, 10 seconds) teaser from "Game of Thrones" season 5. HBO released it via Twitter:

We get a fleeting glimpse at Arya as she pierces some random with Needle. Then, the teaser urges us to "Receive the power of the sight" at There's not much to see the website, though except a chance to sign up to receive updates on season 5, which should premiere this spring.

Last we saw Arya, she had escaped Sandor "The Hound" Clegane and Brienne of Tarth, and got on a ship headed to the city of Braavos. She used the coin that Jaqen gave her and uttered the phrase "valar morghulis" - and the captain quickly granted her passage. What Arya will find in Braavos is likely to be a major storyline in season 5.

Ironically, though the "Game of Thrones" site is named for the Three-Eyed Raven, that character won't figure into the new season, as the showrunners have confirmed that Bran Stark won't be seen next year.

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