worst holiday episodes everFor some inexplicable reason, most television shows (especially '90s sitcoms) feel the need to bestow holiday-themed episodes upon their viewers, and let's just say it's a curse and a blessing. Of course holiday episodes can be a great excuse to cozy up with the family, shove a bunch of gingerbread into your face, and watch your favorite characters enjoy a bit of festive goodness, but some shows miss the magical mark in a major way. Check out a few unforgettably horrible holiday episodes from your favorite (or, possibly least favorite) series, most of which are so bad that they're good. Also, it goes without saying that this list was approved by The Grinch.

"Ghost Whisperer" - Holiday Spirit
You know what screams Christmas? Watching Jennifer Love Hewitt discover that Santa Claus is actually a ghost while trying to determine whether or not he's "naughty or nice." Whoever wrote this episode needs to be given some kind of life time achievement award immediately. Also, let's hope no kiddos see this episode, or they might risk having their childhoods inadvertently ruined.
"Xena: Warrior Princess" - A Solstice Carol
Not to be confused with Dickens' classic "A Christmas Carol" (but just as excellent), "A Solstice Carol" features everyone's favorite ancient feminist warrior princess getting into all kinds of rowdy holiday hijinks. Plus, viewers learn a valuable lesson: Christmas tree ornaments can double as weapons! Let's just say the image of Santa using a candy cane as a lethal arrow will forever be etched into our collective memory.

"Melrose Place" - A Melrose Place Christmas
You probably thought the Christmas-themed episode of "Melrose Place" was great at the time, but turns out it's actually just insanely 90s. Between the running shoes, the giant button-down shirts, and the semi-mullets, "Melrose Place" is somewhere no one should be spending the holidays. That being said, this clip might induce extreme 90s nostalgia that makes the episode worth watching.

"7th Heaven" - Here Comes Santa Claus
So many well-meaning holiday time hijinks, so little time! The Camdens are at their very best in this "7th Heaven" Christmas episode, which features Eric and his flock of children doing charity work and finding the true meaning of Christmas. Of course the best part is the scene where Simon dances around the kitchen in candy cane pajamas. And by best part, we mean worst part.

"Designing Women" - I'll Be Home for Christmas
So, "Designing Women" is obviously the greatest show of all time (right?), and the Christmas episode definitely falls into the "so bad it's good" category. Basically, any show that features characters spontaneously breaking into song with superimposed baby pictures on the screen constitutes a win.
"The Brady Bunch" - The Voice of Christmas
Speaking of characters breaking into spontaneous song, let's talk about "The Voice of Christmas," a very special "Brady Bunch" episode wherein Mrs. Brady loses her voice before a concert (panic!) –– but then regains it just in time to belt out a tune at the Christmas service. In other words, it's a holiday miracle!

"Joey" - Joey and the Christmas Party
Matt LeBlanc is a talented actor, but we can probably all agree that "Joey" wasn't a great idea. However, if there's any doubt in your mind that this character should have been left in the "Friends" zone, this Christmas episode is all the proof you need.