"The Walking Dead" Season 5's midseason finale aired last night (November 30) and it included the death of a major character. Right after the episode aired, AMC's official Facebook page for the show posted a photo that not only showed the character dead, but included a "RIP [Character]" note. See it here.

Apparently the spoiler photo was first posted right after the East Coast airing, before the West Coast even saw Episode 8, never mind the international fans who won't get a chance to see the show until Monday night. More than 32 million people "like" that Facebook page, so that's a lot of potentially ticked-off fans.

Fans reacted with outrage - but also with some hilarious memes - in more than 41,000 comments.

As one fan put it - to the approval of 14,960 others - "AMC, Look at the flowers." Another viewer wrote under the AMC spoiler, "This is the dumbest post I've ever seen from an official fb page. Spoiling a major plot point for millions of your fans? Someone should be fired over this." That was liked more than 8,000 times.

Fans shared various versions of "Thanks for ruining it for me," and sentiments like this: "It's one thing for comments to ruin an episode, you can mostly avoid them, but for the main page to ruin the show for people on the West coast or other countries goes against everything the show stands for. The air of mystery, the surprise element stolen from fans. Re-think your posts."

Sometimes it's safest just to stay off the Internet completely before a major show, but a new Facebook post can pop right in your face without you even wanting it to. Besides, there's a level of trust with an official site like this, as opposed to a fan or news site that you might already know to avoid until after you've seen the show. Then again, this is the official Facebook site of TWD, and once it's aired on the East Coast, it's not technically a "spoiler" anymore. Why shouldn't East Coast viewers get a chance to react "live" too?

The debate is raging on in the comments, in case you'd like to join in, or just enjoy the ranting.

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