The ABC sitcom "Manhattan Love Story" was the first fall show to get the axe back in October, followed quickly by "Selfie," but you can't keep a fair to middling romcom down.

Hulu is snagging the remaining seven unaired episodes of "Manhattan Love Story" to run every Thursday, kicking off on December 3. Last week, "Selfie" series creator/showrunner Emily Kapnek tweeted that Hulu would also be picking up the 21st century take on "My Fair Lady," to run on Tuesdays. Hulu will run one new episode every week.

Although "Manhattan Love Story" didn't win over many fans, "Selfie" had its admirers. Is it possible that Hulu or some other streaming service will snap this "Selfie"? Hey, it worked for "Community"! Sort of.

[Via EW]

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