Anna Kendrick, Into the Woods
Ahead of the film's Christmas release, Disney has been dishing out all kinds of cool stuff from "Into the Woods," including this audio track of Anna Kendrick singing Cinderella's big song, "On the Steps of the Palace."

In the clip, we hear Kendrick's Broadway-honed voice absolutely nail the classic tune. And audiences can get their first preview of the changes that composer Stephen Sondheim made to some his songs for the film, including rewriting a few lyrics.

Vanity Fair explains:

Sharp-eared, die-hard fans of the original musical will hear several slight lyrical changes in this version. The biggest being the decision to take the song out of the conditional second person. The original lyrics replaces the original tongue-twisting lines like, "But then what if he knew who you were when you know that you're not what he thinks that he wants," with the more personal (but no less twisty) first person, "Or then what if I am what a prince would envision?"

Whether longtime fans of the musical love or loathe the changes remains to be seen, but this version of "Steps of the Palace" should prepare them for the differences Sondheim and co. have in store.

Listen to the song below, and get excited for the flick. "Into the Woods" makes it way into theaters on Christmas Day. The soundtrack will be available on December 15.

[via: Disney Music, h/t Vanity Fair]

Photo credit: Disney