Nick Offerman, whiskey
Like his "Parks and Recreation" character Ron Swanson, comedian Nick Offerman also has a soft spot for whiskey, so much so that he's teamed up with a liquor company to promote his favorite beverage.

Offerman paired with Diageo -- makers of Scottish whiskies Lagavulin and Oban -- on a new video series, "My Tales of Whisky," which the actor kicked off with a song. In the first video, Offerman sings about all his favorite pastimes, including playing guitar, woodworking, and riding his horse -- but none of them is perfect, he explains, because he can't drink whiskey while doing them.

"It could all be so grand if I hand a third hand," Offerman sings wistfully.

Sadly, however, Offerman must wait until he completes all the above activities before indulging in a beverage, otherwise he'll end up with "a puddle of booze in [my] crotch."

Offerman traveled to Scotland to complete portions of the video, and "Parks and Rec" viewers will notice that part of that trip made it into last year's season six premiere, when the gang traveled across the pond to London, and Leslie sent Ron on a scavenger hunt that ended at Lagavulin in Scotland.

Diageo is expected to release more Offerman videos soon. Check out the first clip below.

[via: My Tales of Whisky, h/t TheWrap]

Photo credit: YouTube