The red band trailer for Chris Rock's latest, "Top Five," features much of the same material as the first trailer, but what it lacks in new footage, it makes up for with lots and lots of profanity.

That's not a knock on the clip, though, which is still hilarious, rounding out jokes that were snipped for swears and including a couple great scenes that just couldn't fly in the first promo. In one, Rock argues with Kevin Hart about the use of the N-word, and whether or not an African-American can be fired for saying it. In another, he's told to "put some stank" on a radio promo, and defiantly lets fly a torrent of "motherf--kers" in response.

Overall, the trailer offers a clearer view of what audiences can expect from the flick, which Rock also wrote and directed. It looks frank, filthy, and funny as hell. We're sold.

"Top Five" hits theaters on December 5.

[via: YouTube, h/t The Dissolve]