First dates are usually the stuff of nightmares, not to mention memoirs, columns, and blog posts, but sometimes they result in spectacular romances that go all the way to the White House.

"Southside With You" is an upcoming indie that will follow the first date of the First Couple, Barack and Michelle Obama, back in 1989. Once Obama successfully convinced his boss Michelle (née Robinson) to go out with him on a date, he took her to the Art Institute, where they had lunch, and then they went on a long walk. The two capped off their date with a trip to the cinema, where they caught a little movie called "Do The Right Thing."

Tika Sumpter ("Get On Up," "Ride Along") will star as Michelle, but there isn't anyone attached to co-star as Barack - yet. Michelle described her impression of Barack after their first date as "hip, cutting edge, cultural, sensitive – the fountain [was] a nice touch." Sounds dreamy!

Filming will begin in Chicago this July. Richard Tanne ("Worst Friends," "The Roman") wrote the screenplay and will direct.

[Via Deadline]

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