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It's time for The Losers' Club to reconvene! Stephen King's "It" is getting a 21st century makeover for the big screen, and it's got a pretty fancy director. Cary Fukunaga, who dazzled critics with "Sin Nombre" and "Jane Eyre" before winning an Emmy for "True Detective," is attached to direct the first movie of what will be a two-part series, according to producer Dan Lin.

Lin told Vulture that they even got the a-okay from King himself. "The most important thing is that Stephen King gave us his blessing. We didn't want to make this unless he felt it was the right way to go, and when we sent him the script, the response that Cary got back was, 'Go with God, please! This is the version the studio should make.' So that was really gratifying." Right, because you know what would really stink? Angering one of the most essential modern horror authors, who will make no bones about how much he hates an adaptation of his work if he feels like it.

This is all excellent news for anyone who loved being scared to death by Pennywise, an evil shapeshifter that's taken the form of a sewer-dwelling clown, although they'll be hard pressed to find someone who could top Tim Curry's performance. Maybe Fukunaga can ask his "True Detective" co-star Matthew McConaughey to take a crack at it.

Vulture also reported that "the first film, then, will be a coming-of-age story about the children tormented by It, while the second will skip ahead in time as those same characters band together to continue the fight as adults." Lin is currently trying to wrangle Fukunaga into co-writing the sequel. Production is slated to start next summer.

As an added bonus, Fukunaga has the coolest hairstyles in the business.

[Via EW]

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