In case you need a reminder about "Revenge's" new and completely insane plot twist, David "I Miss My Facial Hair" Clarke recently announced that he was held prisoner by an illegal arms operator named Malcolm Black. Oh, and also Jack is dating a corrupt FBI agent who happens to be working for Malcolm, proving that he literally has the worst taste in women ever. Ready for more? Check out our recap –– and yes, someone most definitely dies this week.

Nolan Throws A Killer Party...In The Most Literal Way Possible
Last time we checked on Victoria, she was busy looking crazy and selling Emily out to Agent Kate Taylor. This week, she and Kate meet face to face and Victoria wastes no time implying that Emily's wealth is the key to David's debt being paid to Malcolm. The question? How long will it take Kate to figure out that Em is David's daughter? Answer: not long at all.
Here's how their throw down goes down: Nolan and Louise decide to host a yacht club party, which is the perfect opportunity for Emily to find out what Kate's really up to. But first she has to break the news to Jack –– who responds to the fact that he's dating a hater in the way you'd imagine: by being super pouty.
Emily's plan to expose Kate's true nature should be simple –– all she needs to do is steal Kate's burner phone at Nolan's party and then use it to find Malcolm's location. But wait! Kate's one step ahead of Em, and reveals that a) she knows Emily is actually Amanda Clarke, and b) that Malcolm is holding her mother hostage. So, is Kate telling the truth? Keep reading.
Daniel Contemplates His Life, Has Hilarious Flashbacks While Doing So
As you probably remember (because it's completely horrifying), Daniel managed to get Margaux pregnant, which means he's continuing the criminally deranged Grayson lineage. Unfortunately, the pregnancy sends Daniel into a complete tailspin, causing him to have sinister sepia flashbacks to the Ghost of Conrad Past. Daniel spirals into a tunnel of self pity and ennui due to his terrible life choices –– but fortunately Margaux lets him help raise their baby after confiding in Victoria about the pregnancy (worst idea ever, has she met Victoria?). So, does this mean Daniel will finally step up to the plate and stop stop accidentally-on-purpose murdering prostitutes? We'll see.
Wondering what's David's up to –– other than mourning the loss of his patchy facial hair? All you really need to know is that he procures some belladonna and then casually poisons Victoria's wine with it. How dare you, David. This is an even worse decision than your beard.

One of Emily's Many Love Interests Dies...But Who?!
So many things are happening, and none of them are good. First of all, let's talk about Victoria and David. Fortunately, this broad chooses not to drink her poisoned wine, and instead reveals that she helped Conrad frame David as revenge for David lying about the death of his wife. Naturally, Victoria asks for David's forgiveness, but before he can decide whether or not to kill her, someone else gets killed next door.
Here's what you need to know: Kate wanders over to Em's mansion, reveals that David owes Malcolm an enormous amount of money, and then reveals that she's actually Malcolm's daughter. Surprise! Emily then ends up falling off the balcony after a crazy cat-fight with Kate, and just as she's about to be shot, Daniel decides to wander in from outside (where he's been lingering on the beach for literally no reason). Obviously, Daniel ends up being murdered in cold blood by Kate, who's in turn killed by Jack –– because yes, PoPo Porter is too late to actually save Daniel, once again proving that he's the worst policeman ever.

And that's a wrap! RIP, Daniel –– come visit us in a sepia-toned flashback sometime soon.

Lingering Questions:

1. Now that Daniel's dead, will Margaux stay on the show, or be written off?

2. Will David go through with his plan to kill Victoria?

3. How will Emily avenge Daniel's death?

4. Are Nolan and Louise going to start dating, because they were getting super chummy on the dance floor?

5. Will Charlotte return to The Hamptons now that Daniel is dead?

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