While people have been falling all over themselves recently to praise "The Babadook," the great Australian horror gem with the sing-song title and storybook villain, our favorite horror movie of the calendar year still hasn't been released in America. It's called "It Follows," we saw it at Fantastic Fest in Austin earlier this fall, and it is really, really, ridiculously good. Just watch this first trailer (for its release in February in France) and soak in all of the scary.

In our wrap-up of the movies we saw at Fantastic Fest, it ranked #1. What we said then: David Robert Mitchell's "It Follows" had a big debut at Cannes (where it was picked up by the Weinstein genre shingle Radius), but I feel incredibly #blessed to have seen it at Fantastic Fest, where the rowdy crowd went truly bananas. It's a tale of supernatural malevolence, set in a sleepy, nondescript American suburb, and with its cast of cute kids and synth-pop score, feels like what would have happened if the characters from John Hughes's "The Breakfast Club" were forced to deal with some otherworldly terror. Maika Monroe, who is coming off a terrific lead turn in "The Guest," stars as a young girl who has sex with a seemingly nice guy (Jake Weary), who passes on a kind of ghostly curse, with a ghastly figure (one that only she can see) stalking her at every turn. It's atmospheric and unforgettable and scary-as-hell, the kind of horror movies they rarely make anymore. Hopefully, whenever it comes out, it will become a big, big hit. And even if it's not, it's going to be played at slumber parties until the end of recorded history, right after some kid says, "You want to see a really scary movie?"

And we stand by all of this. The trailer for the movie chillingly distills everything that is great about "It Follows:" the mournfulness, the sense of creeping dread, and the suburban setting. This teaser is really great (who cares if all of the quotes are in French?) and it makes us even more excited to see the movie again, whenever Radius locks down a domestic release date.