The Last Five Years, Anna Kendrick
The upcoming big screen adaptation of off-Broadway musical "The Last Five Years" tells the story of the breakup of a marriage, but flick's first trailer proves that heartwarming moments keep equal time with that ultimate heartbreak.

"Years" follows Cathy (Anna Kendrick), a struggling actress, and Jamie (Jeremy Jordan, of Broadway's "Newsies" fame), a successful writer, throughout the titular time period, from the moment they meet, to falling in love, getting married, and the relationship's ultimate unraveling. That story is told from both characters' perspectives, as Cathy sings about the end of their marriage and works backward to their beginning; Jamie, meanwhile, sings about their relationship in sequential order.

It's a quirky concept, but Kendrick and Jordan's Tony-nominated pipes -- and the earnest, funny, soaring songs sprinkled throughout this trailer -- make us confident that the flick will be an entertaining experience.

"The Last Five Years," written and directed by Richard LaGravenese ("Unbroken," "Behind the Candelabra," "P.S. I Love You") from composer Jason Robert Brown's musical, hits theaters on February 13, 2015.

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