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WARNING: This post contains SPOILERS about a major character death during "The Walking Dead"'s season five midseason finale. Read on at your own risk.

Some fans took the shocking death of a major character during last week's midseason finale of "The Walking Dead"a lot harder than others, with a group of 30,000 -- and growing -- signing a petition to resurrect said dearly departed person.

The petition filed on, titled Bring Beth Back!, has amassed tens of thousands of signatures since it was created on December 1, and features an impassioned plea to do better by Beth Greene (played by Emily Kinney), who was killed off during the November 30 episode. Beth, the petition argues, went through an inspiring journey of self-actualization throughout her four seasons on the series, and inspired fans with her tenacity.

Unfortunately for Beth -- and her diehard fans -- she was shot in the head during the midseason finale, putting a pretty firm end to her time on the show. But that hasn't swayed petitioners, who remain convinced that with a bit of persuasion, AMC and producer Scott M. Gimple can resurrect the character in a totally-not-hasty-or-ridiculous way.

"We realize that the circumstances she dies in are irreverisble," the petition says, "but this is television. Anything is possible."

And while we realize that this show is called "The Walking Dead," and that title invites some creativity, it would be pretty weird if Beth just randomly popped up again next year and said, "LOL, just kidding everyone who saw me get shot -- I'm fine!" It's probably best to let this one go.

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