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Shailene Woodley already has a hit action franchise under her belt, thanks to her starring role in the YA adaptation "Divergent" and its upcoming sequels. But the actress has her sights set on an even bigger prize: landing a role in a Marvel movie.

Woodley revealed her secret desire in an interview with MTV UK, where she said that even though her role as Mary Jane Watson in Sony's "Amazing Spider-Man" series didn't pan out, she'd be up for donning some spandex in the future.

"I would love to be in a superhero movie if it was Marvel," Woodley told MTV. " ... Their movies are so much fun to watch. They take you on a ride. I love how they're all interconnected."

And while the actress admitted that her personal taste tends to gravitate more toward independent films, she said that the tentpole features for which Marvel is known have a pull on her, too.

"There's something about going to those big blockbuster films where you watch people fly across the sky and have long stretchy arms or these supernatural powers," Woodley said. " ... It's a form of escapism."

We're sure Kevin Feige and co. wouldn't turn away a big name like Woodley -- not to mention her large teenage fan bases from "Divergent" and "The Fault in Our Stars." We'll keep an eye out for her debut in the MCU.

[via: MTV]

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