disney pixar inside out

So. Many. Feels.

That's what's happening in the new, full-length trailer for Pixar's "Inside Out." It doesn't explain much of the story, but does a great job of giving you a sense of the concept. Basically, human emotions are controlled by a panel of characters.

The trailer goes inside the minds of a girl named Riley and her parents. When Mom asks Riley about her first day at a new school, Riley is sullen and morose in reply. That puts Mom's emotions on alert, and she tries to signal Dad to step in. But Riley's continued "bad attitude" puts Dad's emotions in a frenzy.

"Sir, reporting high levels of sass!" one emotion squeaks.

"Take it to Defcon 2," the leader replies, as they prepare to "put down the foot."

"Inside Look" comes across as clever and unique, and boasts Pixar's signature, awe-inspiring animation. The movie opens June 19, 2015.