The Little PrinceMon dieu! The international trailer for "The Little Prince" has landed, and it is just lovely. Sure, it's completely in French, but if you remember the book, you can get the gist of it from watching. Or, you can just enjoy the dazzling animation that brings to life the beloved story by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Plus, thanks to Vulture, you don't even need to fire up Google Translate if your French is a little rusty.

Old man: Oh, oh! I'm here! Up here! [He waves.] Good evening!
Little girl: [Reading] Once upon a time, a little prince who needed a friend?
Old man: I've flown almost everywhere in the world, until something miraculous happened.
Little Prince: Please, draw me a sheep.
Old man: I've always wanted to find someone to share my story with, but I think this world has become too grown-up ... It's only the beginning of the story!

Riley Osborne is the voice of the Little Prince in the English language version of the film, alongside Jeff Bridges as the Aviator, Mackenzie Foy ("Interstellar") as the Aviator's neighbor, James Franco as the Fox, Marion Cotillard as the Rose, and Albert Brooks as the Businessman. The cast also includes Rachel McAdams, Benicio Del Toro, Paul Giamatti, and Ricky Gervais.

Mark Osborne of "Kung Fu Panda" fame is directing, from a screenplay by Irena Brignull ("The Boxtrolls").

"The Little Prince" will open in France on October 7, 2015, with a US and Canadian release sometime in 2015.

'The Little Prince' Teaser Trailer

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