Gabrielle Union Top Five InterviewWho do you save, Chris Rock or Kevin Hart?

In preparation for Rock's "Top Five," Mr. Moviefone (Kevin Thompson) asked Gabrielle Union the tough questions. Rock may have technically been Union's boss, but would that be enough for her to save him? After all, Union told Mr. Moviefone that Hart did give a toast at her and Dwayne Wade's wedding. (How cool is that?!).

Then, there was Rosario Dawson. The "Top Five" co-star hilariously explained her wish to do "the Christopher Walken sort of thing" and also be the next Samuel L. Jackson. Yup, she even admitted she'd love to do a speech just before a shark eats her.

"Top Five" comes to theaters this Friday, December 12. Check out the exclusive interviews below.

'Top Five' - Gabrielle Union Interview (EXCLUSIVE)

'Top Five' - Rosario Dawson Interview (EXCLUSIVE)
Top Five
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