john lithgow and julianne moore danceJulianne Moore and John Lithgow have perfected "The Parent Dance."

If you've ever watched (and cringed) as your parents "boogie down" at a wedding reception, birthday party, or any other family-based get-together that happens to feature a DJ and dance floor, then you've witnessed plenty of parents dancing. It's an uncomfortable display of sexually suggestive, outmoded dance moves mixed with fun flirting and an inability to consistently adhere to a rhythm. Well, for the New York Times's "9 Kisses" video series, in which the year's best actors pair up for "intimate moments," Moore and Lithgow embrace the dance style and make it their own. It's hard to explain, really, but once you watch the video, you'll get it. It's amazing. Just try to keep the embarrassment-fueled flashbacks to a minimum.