Chris Hemsworth is the Sexiest Man Computer Hacker Alive in Michael Mann's upcoming cyberthriller "Blackhat." Hemsworth stars as Nicholas Hathaway, a dangerous hacker who's sprung from jail by the government to help them track down an even more dangerous hacker. This other dude has already taken down a Chinese nuclear reactor, and his global reach is alarming both the US and Chinese governments, who are working together to stop him before his next attack. Apparently, Hathaway has kept up with the latest hacking trends and techniques while he was in jail because he gets right to work tracking down this mysterious code master - but can Hathaway stop him before he wreaks even more havoc?

As an early adopter of high-def digital filmmaking, Mann has some techie inclinations himself, at least when it comes to filmmaking. Hemsworth told Yahoo, "He has such a detail to prep, to schedule, and a way of working. It's sort of exhausting but he gets something else out of you. You know, he'll do 50, 60 takes, and you have no idea why you're doing it again. ... It's kind of like breaking a horse, I think. [He'll] just beat you down until you've got nothing left. Then you give a very natural performance." Sounds like fun.

"Blackhat" opens on January 16, 2015. Viola Davis, Tang Wei, William Mapother, Holt McCallany, and Leehom Wang co-star.

[Via Yahoo!]