tris and four in insurgentThe sequel to "Divergent," the YA hit from earlier this year that starred Shailene Woodley as a freedom fighter in an oppressively bleak futuristic society, is already on its way (these things are coming out quicker than "Friday the 13th" sequels), and the latest trailer for the first sequel, "Insurgent," is now upon us. So feast on the brand new visuals, increasingly complicated plot mechanics, and Woodley's ever-changing hairstyle!

At the start of the trailer we're introduced into a mysterious cube, not unlike the Tesseract in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that is lorded over by Kate Winslet, who plays an evil politician. She claims that the cube will rescue their society, which is once again portrayed as urban and drab. Nobody knows what it is, but Winslet looking for somebody to unlock it.

Meanwhile, Woodley has joined the resistance -- she's firing guns and running in front of trains and enjoying her grubby aesthetic. There's hang gliding through cities! That crazy building jump from the first trailer! A sex scene! And Jai Courtney with his crazy earrings! Also, Miles Teller is straight up evil in this one, which is slightly different from the first film. We didn't really understand it. (By the way this new movie looks beautiful!)

Either way, this trailer is great but seems to show far too much of the movie. So if you want to remain (relatively) in the dark, this comes out on March 20th so it's not like you'll have to wait too long.