Conan O'Brien is one of the funniest human beings currently living, this much is certain. And while his late night comedy show on TBS isn't the most hugely watched show in late night, it is frequently the most hilarious and certainly the strangest. If you need a reminder of just how funny (and weird), check out this expertly edited video that, with a running time of just under five minutes, distills Conan's entire fourth season into a nonstop barrage of insane madness.

Among the highlights: Conan's Tinder date with Dave Franco, his needling of robotic coworker Jordan Schlansky, a never-ending series of guests and monologues and, of course, his infamous Lyft ride with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, something that, without exaggeration, reduced me to tears.

Just watch. It will make your Monday infinitely better.