Over the past couple of weeks, the one thing that everyone has been talking about (and some have been reporting, in excruciatingly detail) the massive cyber attack that momentarily crippled Sony and unleashed sons of sensitive materials onto the internet, including Social Security numbers of employees, email exchanges between Hollywood bigwigs, copies of films that have yet to be released theatrically, and the health information and salaries of various employees. It was a huge invasion of privacy and other websites have detailed the specifics of this leak, especially when it comes to potential movements of one of the bigger studios in the world.

Much speculation has centered around who was responsible for this hack, with most of the suspicion coming down on the side of a group of radical hackers in North Korea. Why? Because North Korea is very upset about Sony's upcoming comedy "The Interview," starring James Franco and Seth Rogen as a pair of buffoons tasked with killing Kim Jung-un. Rogen and Franco were on "The Howard Stern Show," where the controversial radio show host expressed support for the pair and disgust over the hack. It's the first time Rogen and Franco have addressed the leak head-on. It's a fascinating listen.

Among the more memorable moments of the ten-minute segment (which you can listen below, beware of occasionally harsh language), is the part where Rogen expresses disgust over the fact that various websites have been sorting through the leak and publishing various reports. "Everyone is doing exactly what these criminals want," Rogen said. Later, Franco said that he didn't understand how Sony was able to remove the movies that had leaked but weren't able to wrangle these documents. There was also a wonderful bit where Stern showed disgust over the leaked celebrity cell phone photos, which Rogen said weren't quite the same, although he admitted that, they are "under the same umbrella."

Anyway, the whole thing is very much worth listening to. And, just so we're clear, "The Interview" is really, really good.

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