The shocking death of Robin Williams reverberated around the world, as evidenced by the actor topping Google's 2014 list of trending searches.

Google's "Year in Search" provides a snapshot at the people, places, events, and ideas that made an impact in 2014. Williams topped big topics including the World Cup and Ebola.

In specific entertainment categories, it was actually a movie from 2013 that dominated this year - "Frozen." Guess we really can't let it go (ba dum bum). It was followed by blockbusters "Interstellar" and "Divergent."

In television, HBO's epic drama, "Game of Thrones," claimed first place, but the runner-up was a surprise - Fusion's talk show "No, You Shut Up!"

Check out some of the year in search, for entertainment:

Top Movies
1. Frozen
2. Interstellar
3. Divergent
4. Gone Girl
5. Lone Survivor
6. Godzilla
7. 22 Jump Street
8. Big Hero 6
9. Annabelle
10. Maleficent

Top TV Shows
1. Game of Thrones
2 No, You Shut Up!
3. True Detective
4. Orange is the New Black Blood
5. Sweat & Heels
6. The Following
7. House of Cards
8. Gotham
9. South Park
10 American Horror Story

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