The trailer for the seventh and final season of "Parks and Recreation" is here, and it's a blast from the future. The trailer takes place in 2017, same as the surprising season 6 finale, and things look weirder than ever before.

Future Pawnee is full of surprises, like the drone that appears on Leslie (Amy Poehler) and Ben's (Adam Scott) doorstep. Maybe it's not all bad news, though. It looks like "Parks and Rec" crew we've come to love is living large in 2017; for one, Andy (Chris Pratt) has his own awesome ninja TV show! (Hmm, is that anything like a "Cowboy Ninja Viking"?) Get a glimpse of what the future holds for Tom (Aziz Ansari), Jerry/Gary/Terry (Jim O'Heir), April (Aubrey Plaza) and the rest of the crew.

When you're done, grab a hankie and watch Chris Pratt and Nick Offerman's tribute to Lil Sebastian at the show's wrap party.

[Via Time, EW]