Ah, 2014. What a weird, strange trip you've been.

Looking back on the year, it wasn't a particularly memorable one; there were a lot of "good" movies but very few "great" ones. The ones that were great, though, well, they were just spectacular. These are movies like "Boyhood" and "Grand Budapest Hotel" and " Gone Girl" and "A Most Violent Year," films that will be re-watched and enjoyed and meticulously studied for years to come.

It's also in the interest of thoroughness that we add to our already-swelling compendium of the year's very best movies, we've got nearly fifty now, and if you want a list of even more films to check out, please consult our "best movies you didn't see" piece as well. You can also check out our list of the worst movies of 2014, if you're into that sort of thing.

In short: get watching. And we'll see you in 2015.
Best Movies of 2014