This time of year is full of critics' top ten lists and award nominations, but there's a flip side to this glittering coin. That's right folks -- we're here to talk about the very worst movies of the year, the ones that left us standing by the exit, patiently tapping our toes because we had a train to catch; the films that made us want to hurl our 3D glasses at the screen; the one that made us contemplate whether God was singling us out for divine punishment (and, if so, what we had done to deserve this).

These are the worst of the worst -- the movies that should still be sitting on a shelf somewhere, collecting dust, to be quietly released on home video or VOD, or that we should have never had to actually visit a theater to endure.

Above, in no particular order, are the worst movies of 2014. (We've also got the best movies of 2014, if you're looking for those.)

worst movies 2014