As part of the cold open to this week's "Saturday Night Live," Mike Myers, who was one of the funniest and most beloved cast members on the series from 1989 -1995, returned to the show and even revived his Dr. Evil character from the "Austin Powers" movies. And it was frickin' hilarious, Mr. Bigglesworth!

Dr. Evil interrupted a "A Very Somber Christmas with Sam Smith" to school North Korea on what it's like to be truly evil. Just watch it -- it's really, really great. (And, yes, there's a "Love Guru" joke.)

Not only does this really make us miss Myers (he hasn't really shown up in a feature film since his cameo in "Inglourious Basterds" back in 2009) but it also makes us wonder where that fourth "Austin Powers" is in the development pipeline. Supposedly that fourth film was to come from Dr. Evil's point-of-view, and after watching this hilarious clip, that seems like the perfect way to go.