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The first trailer for the long-gestating "Entourage" movie has arrived, and it's full of what you'd expect from the HBO series's leap to the big screen: scantily-clad women, lavish parties, wisecracking, and...an evil robot DJ?

That last item comes courtesy of Vince Chase's (Adrian Grenier) foray into directing, just one of the new developments for the titular gang, which also includes a recently slimmed-down Turtle (Jerry Ferrara). But before you go thinking that everything's changed, there's Drama (Kevin Dillon) making a boneheaded comment, Ari (Jeremy Piven) getting angry, E (Kevin Connolly) looking exasperated, and celebrity cameos (hey there, Mark Wahlberg!) to remind us that these guys are still the same deep down.

There's not too much of a plot to follow in this trailer -- Vince and Ari argue over the budget for Vince's directorial effort, Turtle gets beaten up by a girl -- but fans of the HBO series probably aren't expecting anything groundbreaking from the film. They're likely happy to simply see the group reunited again, and this movie appears to be the perfect opportunity for just that.

Among the new faces joining the cast for the flick are Billy Bob Thornton and Haley Joel Osmet. Show creator Doug Ellin directs.

"Entourage" hits theaters on June 5, 2015.

Photo credit: YouTube