They've given you the gift of entertainment all year long. Don't you think your favorite TV characters deserve a gift at Christmastime? Granted, being fictional makes them hard to shop for. Still, here are some gift suggestions for some of our favorite small-screen personalities. After all, even the naughty ones have been nice to watch.

Adam Goldberg ("The Goldbergs"): A membership card for Blockbuster Video. (Okay, it'll be a Hanukkah gift.)

Howard Wolowitz (:The Big Bang Theory" ): A Flowbee. (Also a Hanukkah gift.)

Sheldon, Leonard, and Penny ("The Big Bang Theory"): An elevator repairman.

Hannibal Lecter ("Hannibal"): A vegan cookbook.

The cast of "Orange Is the New Black": A more colorful wardrobe.

Joe McMillan ("Halt and Catch Fire"): An iPhone.

Marty Hart ("True Detective"): Noise-blocking headphones

Mrs. Patmore ("Downton Abbey"): A Ninja blender system. With an instruction manual.

Louis C.K. ("Louie"): A Hungarian-English dictionary.

Claire Randall (("Outlander"): A wristwatch, set to 1945 time.

The cast of "Fargo": A snowplow.

Victoria Flynn ("Mike & Molly"): A plane ticket to Colorado.

Don Draper ("Mad Men"): A Nicoderm kit.

Carrie Mathison ("Homeland"): Some infant-friendly bath toys.

Jack Bauer ("24"): A nap. And a bathroom break.

Larry David ("Curb Your Enthusiasm"): Motivation to film another season.

Neal Sampat ("The Newsroom"): A news network worthy of his lofty principles and Web savviness.

Ron Swanson ("Parks and Recreation"): Membership in the steak-of-the-month club.

The "South Park" "kids: Gift cards to the Casa Bonita restaurant.

Abed Nadir ("Community"): A real, working holodeck.

Valerie Cherish ("The Comeback"): A real comeback.

The Gallagher family ("Shameless"): A week with Jo "Supernanny" Frost.

The Pritchett grandchildren ("Modern Family"): The phone number of a good therapist. They may not need it now, but someday...

Jackie Peyton ("Nurse Jackie"): A stalwart, vigilant sponsor. Maybe Bonnie Plunkett from "Mom" is available?

Brian Griffin ("Family Guy"): A smarter, less dysfunctional family. Maybe the SImpsons are available?

Bran Stark ("Game of Thrones"): An HBO Go membership, so he can see what the rest of the family is up to while he sits next season out.

Elizabeth Faulkner McCord ("Madam Secretary"): Some hipper specs to replace the granny glasses she wears now.

And to all the characters whose shows haven't yet been canceled: A renewal.

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