Wedding RingerHaving a fake male best friend is all the rage. That's the premise behind "The Wedding Ringer," starring Josh Gad and Kevin Hart. It was also done much more creepily on "Saturday Night Live," in their "Grow-a-Guy" sketch.

A new trailer for "Wedding Ringer" gives more details on just exactly how Gad and Hart become fake BFFs for the former's upcoming nuptials to Kaley Cuoco. Gad, you see, doesn't have any actual male friends to fit the bill, so he has to hire Hart to play his best man. There's a cadre of fake groomsmen, too.

Some major bro-ing out ensues, from a wild bachelor party to wacky shenanigans on the day of the wedding. Oh, and Gad and Hart perform a fine Dougie duet.

"Wedding Ringer" opens in theaters on January 16.