UPDATE: Sony has announced plans to stream "The Interview" online starting today via YouTube, Google Play, Xbox, and a dedicated website, SeetheInterview.com. Full details here.

Can we borrow Santa's NORAD tracker to keep tabs on where and when "The Interview" will be screening?

The latest news is that YouTube and Sony are in the process of making a deal to stream "The Interview" online on Christmas, the same day it will premiere in independent theaters across the US. (Check out the full list of theaters here.) It would be a rather remarkable arrangement for Sony to premiere a film like "The Interview" online the same day it's released in theaters. As per CNN, "Owners of major theater chains have steadfastly opposed proposals for simultaneous physical and digital releases, a concept known in the industry as a same-day-and-date release."

Magnolia Pictures first experimented with this model with Steven Soderbergh's "Bubble" back in 2006 with mixed results. It's commonplace for smaller distributors like Magnolia and IFC to offer their films on demand even before they open in theaters, if they open in theaters at all. However, that's definitely not business as usual for studios like Sony, or for bigger budget films like the James Franco/Seth Rogen farce.

Stay tuned for more news on when and where you'll be able to see "The Interview" this holiday season.

[Via Gizmodo, CNN]

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