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A new rumor floating around about the first upcoming "Star Wars" spin-off film is a juicy one: It may be focused on legendary "Wars" character Han Solo, and "Breaking Bad" alum Aaron Paul may also star in the flick.

Fan site Making Star Wars reports that sources close to the "Star Wars: Force Awakens" production at London's Pinewood Studios have dropped some details about the first planned "Wars" spin-off, and it's some decent scoop. According to the site's sources, Han Solo is set to take center stage for the flick, and its filming will directly overlap with production on "Episode VIII," which is also set to shoot at Pinewood.

Whether or not the spin-off and "Episode VIII" will share any of the same plot remains to be seen, though if they're shooting somewhat at the same time, it would stand to reason that some events from the spin-off could be referenced in "Episode VIII" (or vice versa).

Making Star Wars's sources also said that Paul was a name that was attracting interest from the production, though there's no indication that he would be playing Solo himself.

Whether or not any of these rumors pan out remains to be seen. The "Star Wars" rumor mill loves to whip itself into a frenzy before anything official is announced, and this may be just another unconfirmed detail that never comes to fruition. We'll wait and see if Disney or Lucasfilm has anything to say about this before we get too excited.

[via: Making Star Wars, h/t Screen Rant]

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