John Oliver, Last Week Tonight
John Oliver knows that many people are currently suffering from holiday fatigue, what with Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa dominating the past few weeks. And now, the "Last Week Tonight" host says, the worst holiday of them all has arrived: New Year's Eve.

In a web exclusive clip, Oliver rants about the year-end celebration, likening it to "the death of a pet."

"You know it's going to happen, yet somehow, you're never really prepared for how truly awful it is," the host explained.

Among the reasons why New Year's Eve is The Worst, according to Oliver, are that it involves mingling with strangers and watching Ryan Seacrest on TV. Luckily, the host had several tips for how revelers can skip the celebration and continue their couch potato ways well into the new year.

Check out the clip below, and take some mental notes in preparation for the holiday. "Last Week Tonight" returns to HBO in early 2015.

[via: Last Week Tonight]

Photo credit: YouTube