The Interview
Its limited theatrical release over the Christmas holiday weekend may not have been ideal for all moviegoers, but millions of people still ponied up to see "The Interview" -- from the comfort of their own homes.

According to data release by Sony, the controversial comedy scored a whopping $15 million debut online through various streaming and VOD channels. More than 2 million people either rented or bought the film through Google Play, YouTube, or Xbox, Sony said.

Those numbers make "The Interview" Sony's highest-grossing online release of all time. It also brought in approximately $2.8 million from 331 independent theaters over the four-day weekend.

While that theatrical gross is a far cry from what Sony initially expected from the Seth Rogen and James Franco-starring comedy, the online numbers are a good sign for the studio, which has struggled in recent weeks. The nationwide release of the movie was scrapped altogether by Sony following a massive hacking attack (most likely perpetrated by North Korea) and threats of violence on theaters that screened the flick; the studio eventually backtracked on that cancellation in favor of the limited screenings and VOD plan.

[via: The Hollywood Reporter]

Photo credit: Ed Araquel/Sony

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