Wheel of Fortune
Long-running game show "Wheel of Fortune" is a reliable source for viral videos, and this clip of a record-setting contestant solving a toss-up puzzle with only one letter on the board is just the latest amazing example.

Matt DeSanto, a contestant from Pennsylvania, burned through the entire game last Friday, sweeping every single puzzle and racking up more than $90,000 -- and that was even before the bonus round. But it was his amazing solve on a puzzle in the "Character" category that still has viewers talking.

With only the letter "E" up on the board, DeSanto rang in with the correct answer: The Lone Ranger. The contestant earned $2,000 for his trouble, and went on to accrue $91,892 total before sailing through to the bonus round.

DeSanto ultimately came up short during that round, but walked away with a huge lump of cash and a pair of "Wheel" records to boot: He's the first contestant to win more than $70,000 in the main game since 2011, and his total is the highest ever earned by a contestant in the main game throughout "Wheel"'s history. We'll spin to that.

[via: TheWrap]

Photo credit: YouTube