There's a weird kind of suspense that courses through "Antiques Roadshow," the super boring PBS program that you've probably seen if you've left the television on after your cat steps on your remote control. In the show, people bring their antiques or oddities to a location (usually a cavernous convention hall, sometimes in places like the Mohegan Sun casino) and have their valuables appraised. Sometimes the professionals doing the appraisals will tell the person that they're bring them junk, in fact, this is most of the show. But the thrill of watching the show comes from someone bringing some dusty relic that turns out to be a priceless artifact.

We've never seen anything quite like the video before, with an adorable old woman finds out that her collection of 144-year-old baseball cards – these baseball players predate any national baseball league and features the Boston Red Stockings – are worth, in my best Dr. Evil impression, one million dollars. Her reaction is pretty priceless. Say it with us now: "Holy smokes!"

Just watch it and think about all of the stupid trinkets in your attic that are, in fact, priceless treasures. Also, in a related story: both of my socks have holes in them. Video via SB Nation.