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"Gone Girl" has a somewhat ambiguous ending, but is it really ripe for a sequel? Maybe, according to author and screenwriter Gillian Flynn.

In an interview with the New York Daily News, Flynn revealed that there was a possibility of sequel sometime in the future, though she has a few requirements to make it happen -- namely, that leads Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike, and director David Fincher, all need to return. The writer even has a general plot outline in mind.

"Never say never. There could be a sequel at some point, if everyone is game to get the gang back together. It could be really fun a few years from now," Flynn told the News. "We could pick it up and see what those crazy Dunnes are up to a few years down the road and if they're getting along - not well, I don't think."

For our money, we don't particularly think "Gone Girl" needs a follow-up, though since it was Flynn's book and screenplay, we suppose it's her prerogative if she wants another crack at those characters. But thankfully, as Vanity Fair points out, Flynn has a lot on her plate right now, writing and producing a host of other projects, so perhaps this sequel idea will fade into obscurity.

[via: New York Daily News, h/t Vanity Fair]

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