Paddington Bear's first night in a home with the Brown family is full of excitement -- perhaps a little too much excitement.
Paddington - Clip No. 1 - Exclusive
In this exclusive clip from "Paddington," the little Peruvian bear experiments with toothbrushes, tries mouthwash, and inadvertently floods the entire bathroom. This exclusive gives you a good idea of how great "Paddington" looks, with its fabulous mix of CG and live action; the wind ruffling Paddington's fur looks just as awesome as the Browns' cute London house.

Even though American audiences are usually suspicious of January releases, we can reassure you from firsthand experience that "Paddington" rocks. If you don't believe us, maybe you'll believe the millions of people who saw it since its opening in the UK in November. This marmalade-loving bear even beat out "The Hunger Games" at the UK box office, which is no small feat.

Ben Whishaw is the voice of Paddington. Its human stars include Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, Samuel Joslin, and Madeleine Harris as the Brown family, with Nicole Kidman as a cruel taxidermist and Peter Capaldi as the Browns' kooky neighbor.

"Paddington" opens on January 16 across the nation.