Kate McKinnon, Justin Bieber, Saturday Night Live, Calvin Klein parody

"Saturday Night Live" star Kate McKinnon has busted out her pitch-perfect Justin Bieber parody before, but the comedian may have outdone herself this time.

During host Kevin Hart's episode this past Saturday, McKinnon offered up yet another awesome impression of the Biebs, this time mocking his recent Calvin Klein ads. McKinnon is absolutely hilarious in the series of fake commercials (which have expanded from the two that made it on air to an additional clip online), striking poses that are eerily similar to the pop star's: folding her hands in prayer, cocking her eyebrows and gripping her chin in satisfaction, and chasing down an increasingly annoyed-looking model (Cecily Strong).

The spots really speak for themselves, though. Check them out below, and prepare to be amazed at McKinnon's comedic gift. Here's hoping Bieber continues giving the "SNL" actress fodder for years to come.

Photo credit: Hulu