This week, the George Lucas-produced animated film "Strange Magic" hits theaters nationwide and, really, it cannot be overstated just how weird it is. This is an animated movie set in a kind of fairy tale kingdom of fairies and goblins and other mystical beings. It's also a jukebox musical, featuring pop songs from the last forty years (everything from the titular ELO track to Kelly Clarkson to everything in between). And it's been rendered, by the talented people at Industrial Light & Magic (and their Singapore off-shoot) with a kind of hyper-real texture that is both incredibly realistic and undeniably trippy.

And it could have been even weirder. In a recent press conference that I attended, Lucas said that he originally wanted to push things even further. "At first I wanted it to be an opera, all music, with no talking. When we got to that phase, everybody beat on me real hard and said that's not going to work," the "Star Wars" creator confided. So, yes, "Strange Magic" could have been even stranger.

It got us thinking about how odd Lucas's non-"Star Wars" projects really are, so we decided to rundown the 10 weirdest non-"Star Wars"-related George Lucas projects, which unfortunately meant that we couldn't do a deep dive into the infamous "Star Wars Christmas Special" or the pair of Ewok-centered feature-length movies. But don't worry, there's plenty of left-field material here, each one conjuring its own undeniably strange lucas movies