21st Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - ArrivalsExcitement is building for "Game of Thrones" Season 5, which starts not soon enough April 12, 2015 on HBO.

Kit Harington supported the show at the SAG Awards on Sunday, January 25 in L.A., and on the red carpet he talked to E! News about the upcoming GoT season. How would he describe it? Jon Snow's alter ego went with one word: "Lavish."

Why lavish? In past years, Kit said, they as a show have been told they can't afford certain things. This year, if they asked, "Can we afford that?" the answer has been, "Yes."

"They're throwing money at it," Kit said, adding that it makes sense since it's Season 5 and they're coming toward the real crux of the story. He also noted that there will be "huge action sequences" this season, leaving the audience "wanting more."

Sounds pretty good so far! Some of that "lavish" production may be tied to GoT visiting new locations - including Dorne - plus that important Cersei scene that was rumored to cost six figures alone.